Monday, January 31, 2011

Imminent Land Regulations

I have started this Grady Blog as a continuation of Grady County Enquirer newspaper.
Recently the Cairo messenger has encouraged 3 county commissioners AL Ball, Elwin Childs, and T. D. David to vote to spend $12,000 so citizens can learn about zoning regulations at planned public hearings. Let us call for a Referendum on Zoning, then the Cairo Messenger will know that citizens still do not approve of Zoning in Grady County.

Commissioner Ball said "If the citizens does not participate, then that should be an indication of the lack of opposition to zoning." Has he never heard of voter apathy?
Citizens have already been dragged through this same question in 1995. We paid then, now we have to pay again? Is the County Commission not aware that cities all over America have filed for bankruptcy, and that States are trying to do the same?

The national debt is 14 trillion dollars. Fifty States combined have 150 billion dollar deficets in 2012. Does anyone think we will continue to have grants for everything under the sun, as in the past? Does anyone think local option sales tax will continue to pass by voters in Grady County?

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