Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ann Coulter

For decades now, the Democrats have had a good gig buying the votes of government workers with outrageous salaries, benefits and work rules -- and then sticking productive earners with the bill. But, now, we're out of money, no matter how long Wisconsin Democrats hide out in Illinois.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World Hunger, Riots

Doug Casey: Economic hardship. It seems to me that the driving factor behind these protests spreading in the Arab world – and what pushed them from inevitable to imminent – was rising commodity prices, especially food prices. Food prices are also rising rapidly in the U.S. Many fruits and vegetables have doubled, and bread is up 50% over the last year. Cotton has tripled over the last two years. That's going to make clothing more expensive. The difference is that most Americans don't live hand to mouth, not the way most Arabs do. But nonetheless they don't like to see their standard of living drop, and they'll strike out as well. As we just discussed in January, it would be most prudent to prepare for chaotic times ahead.
Today's riots are economic, and that's much more serious. Political riots are generally for sport. Economic riots are the real thing.
Zoning on farmland in Grady County is insane, in light of the above. In these unprecedented times, More government regulations are the last thing we need in Grady County Georgia.

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Wisconsin - Entrenched Self Interest

Help Scott Walker Today
by Newt Gingrich

It is vital that every one of us help Governor Scott Walker today.

In Madison, Wisconsin, we are witnessing a profound struggle between the right of the people to govern themselves and the power of entrenched, selfish interests to stop reforms and defy the will of the people.

In 2010, Wisconsin Republicans ran on a clear agenda of reforming government to gain control of spending. This agenda included many reforms to state government employee pay.

These reforms were desperately opposed by the Democrats and union bosses during the campaign and a full and vigorous debate on the merits of these reforms took place in the months before the election.

Then came the moment for the people of Wisconsin to make their choice – Election Day. And thanks in part to this bold agenda, the people of Wisconsin chose to switch control of the governorship, assembly and senate to Republicans.

The people of Wisconsin sent a clear message. They elected leaders that promised to change the way government operated in Madison. The will of the people was expressed through the ballot box, exactly how it is supposed to work in a representative democracy.

However, through a campaign of intimidation and cowardice, the government employee union bosses and the Democratic Party that is beholden to them, are trying to thwart the will of the people.

Every Democrat in the Wisconsin Senate, exploiting a rule that requires a quorum when voting on fiscal matters, has fled the state to prevent a promised government union reform bill from receiving a vote.

Worse, the government employee unions, with the backing of the Democratic Party - including the White House political operation, Organizing for America - have further paralyzed Wisconsin through a series of protests at the state capital.

Furthermore, while most state workers have shown up for work during the protests, some schools have been forced to close without enough teachers reporting. News stories have emerged that teachers have been receiving phony doctor’s notes to justify their absence.

This deliberately organized chaos has one goal - to intimidate Governor Walker and other elected reformers into abandoning the people of Wisconsin’s calls for reform.

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Political unrest

But what about closer to home, back in the belly of the empire? It's one thing for far-flung outposts to collapse, for the "uncivilized," "unwashed" masses beyond the gates to storm their capital buildings and raise hell. But surely that couldn't happen here, could it?

Of course it could. The existence of the state virtually guarantees it!

With this in mind, we issued the following words of caution to our Fellow Reckoners on Wednesday:

"Warning: Riots may be closer than they appear."

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I created this blog to help defeat Grady County farmland regulations and deal with other issues like taxation and to weaken Cairo Messenger's propagandizing of voters.  An example of excessive taxation is the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for the Aquadic Center and monies of 12000 to 50000 dollars for Zoning of farmland in Grady County.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

World Hunger

World Hunger

Like a mad counterfeiter cranking out mountains of $100 bills to feed America's outrageous debt addiction, the Fed chief is literally running amuck.
Sound familiar? Perhaps to a student of the German hyperinflation of the 1920s. But nothing like this has ever happened in the United States — even in response to other recent threats to the economy.
But now look! Fed Chairman Bernanke's new money printing makes those prior money-printing episodes look like a speck of dust by comparison. In fact, what you are witnessing today is the world's largest money-printing binge since the Weimar Republic in Germany, when it took 3 trillion marks to buy one dollar!
Hard to believe? Then consider the facts: From September 10, 2008 through the end of 2010, Bernanke increased the nation's monetary base from $851 billion to $2.03 trillion. That's an irresponsible, irrational, absolutely insane increase of 138.6% in just 27 months!
And now, even as commodities continue to surge on world markets, Bernanke is printing still more, flooding the economy with another $600 billion in funny money. Worse, there's serious talk that he'll announce another round of money printing as soon as the $600 billion runs out.
  • The FAO's Food Price Index reached an ALL-TIME high in December. Then, that record was smashed once in January ... and yet again here in February!
  • The current food price surge alone has already pushed an additional 44 million people into extreme poverty, bringing the number of chronically hungry people to 1 billion — not exactly a comforting thought for sitting governments of the world, whether dictatorships or democracies.
  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy is so alarmed by rising food and commodity prices, he's just warned the G20 countries of worldwide huger riots looming ahead. Think it can’t happen here in Grady County Georgia? I am a world traveler, I have seen empty store shelves in several countries.
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Hungry Bellies

  • I can tell you this: the Cairo Messenger is not thinking about hungry bellies, it is thinking about influencing your county commissioners to pass Zoning Regulations on county land. They have one commissioner with virtually all his voters in the county, joining two city commissioners. Tell commissioner Elwin Childs how you feel about Zoning on County land. In 1995/96 we fought the Zoning battle. Now we must fight it again. There is only one way to end the grief over this issue: Referendum. The issue in 1995 was: we want growth, but developers won’t come because we don’t have land development regulations. Now RDC (RC) says:”Zoning Protects Farm Land”. Says developers are looking for cheap farm land with little or no Regulations, Which is it? It’s a lie is what it is. I cannot believe a yella dog Democrat news paper would print a lie. I thought The Cairo Messenger was straight up, didn’t you? See front page article Feb. 16, 2011.
  • Now is not the time to be messing with Grady County farmland. Not at a time of food riots, commodity price fluxuation. Zoning regulations will interfere with farm planning, insecticide application and anything else you can think of. They start out gently, then turn the screws, just as happened with sub-division regulations.
·         History has shown that proponents of onerous and dangerous measures are more than willing to accept early reins on their proposals in order to get them “on the books.”  They then work successfully to sweep away these restrictions.   Do not allow them on the books.     

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoning in Grady County?

The national debt is 14 trillion dollars. Fifty States combined have 150 billion dollar deficits in 2012. Does anyone think we will continue to have grants for everything under the sun, as in the past? Does anyone think local option sales tax will continue to pass by voters in Grady County? Does anyone think we will have explosive growth in Grady County in the next five years, when 15.1 million homeowners in America is underwater on their house payments? When food costs are up 36% in the past year? The cost of Zoning on farm land in Grady County is not needed or wanted by county residents.
Two county commissioners live in Cairo, with virtually all their constituents in city of Cairo. I can understand Cairo Messinger controlling them, but to control Elwin Childs, a commissioner in the county, I cannot understand. Unless they rewarded him with a 2 page color spread featuring him and family during the days when he was a big hog breeder. See Jan. 19, 2011 Cairo Messenger.
The Cairo Messenger wants consolidation of city and county government. To facilitate consolidation, city and county zoning will be required. Why does Cairo Messenger want consolidation? So good old boys in Cairo can control the whole county. Wake up citizens. At the public hearings, insist on a referendum on the zoning issue. Talk your commissioner into entering an irrevokable motion for zoning referendum.

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